Many movers claim to offer the best service, but how you do really evaluate a moving company? Here are some tips to help you pick the right mover. 

Picking the Contenders

It can be difficult to find a reliable mover. Besides looking at the company's Better Business Bureau ratings, you can also check to make sure that they are licensed by the United States Department of Transportation. Several states also have their own state licensing procedures that help you verify a company's trustworthiness. Your moving company should also have insurance that will cover your belongings during the move. Each of these criteria will help you weed out candidates until you have a small list of people to call. 

Get an Initial Quote

Once you have your list of options, you can call in person to get a phone quote from several companies. You'll want to have information about your property ready, including the estimated number of boxes, the approximate weight of heavy items if you know it, and any unusually heavy or oddly shaped items such as furniture and musical instruments. When listing your items for a quote, note that it can sometimes be cheaper to hire an instrument mover to handle pianos and large instruments. Otherwise, you may have to hire an extra truck and movers just for this item. 

Do an In-Person Quote Too

When you're describing your items on the phone, you can only go so far in telling the moving company what your home is like. It's important for the movers to see your actual home in order to give the best quote. For instance, you may tell the company over the phone that you have two flights of stairs, but until they actually see how narrow the stairs are, how many turns there are, and how much overhead space there is, your quote might not be accurate. 

Consider the Extras

Before you choose a company just based on the quote, consider that the right moving companies will make all of your expenses transparent and help you to reduce your moving costs. Some companies will offer extra services to help make your move easier. For instance, you might want to ask about rubbish disposal services for the furniture and items you're leaving behind. Some companies can help you recycle your old furniture and other items that can be reused. 

Moving can be stressful on its own, as you consider what awaits you in your new home. The best professional moving companies can make your transition into a new location go smoothly so that you can stop worrying about logistics and focus on the opportunities in your chosen destination.