Moving can be an exciting but also stressful time. Making a move across town can be difficult, let alone all the way across the country. Navigating through all the tasks you must complete for a cross country move can be overwhelming. Here are five tips to make your cross country move easier:

1. Get rid of stuff

While it doesn't seem like you have a lot of stuff now, you'll quickly realize you have a lot more once you start the process of packing. Try to get your belongings down to the essentials. If you haven't used an object in six months, it's time to get rid of it. You should donate or give away a lot of stuff, especially objects that are difficult to move like books, bulky furniture, and unnecessary appliances.

2. Hire movers

If you know the date you're moving, it's never too soon to hire movers. The sooner you book with your moving company, the better your rate. Some moving companies will also provide boxes and even help you pack. If you know in advance whether the company does this, this saves you a lot of time and hassle. Also, if you're hesitating about moving companies due to the extra cost, keep in mind that cross country moves are logistical nightmares. Movers will take much of the stress and effort of the move off your back. Canadian Van Lines is a moving company you can contact.

3. Inventory your belongings

Once you've gotten rid of extra stuff, make a list of everything you're taking with you on the move. This means everything that goes on the truck as well as whatever you're taking with you on your person. This helps you know if you have any other belongings you can get rid of. This is also necessary if you decide to get movers insurance, or if anything happens to your stuff during the move. An inventory list is also an essential organizing tool that can streamline your packing and loading process.

4. Make sure you have important documents

Gather all your important documents together and make copies. Keep these documents on your person for the entire duration of the move. Don't pack them away in boxes. It's natural for stuff to get lost during a move and you don't want to lose your birth certificate, passport, or insurance paperwork. The same goes for any valuables or objects with sentimental value like jewelry or photo albums.

5. Have a moving fund

Make sure you have the cash to pay for all those forgotten expenses that come with moving. These expenses can add up fast and drain your bank account. Your fund should be at least $1,000. This fund will pay for tolls, tips for the movers, cable and internet hookup fees, and any other overlooked expense. You should have a separate fund to cover security deposits and moving fees.

These five tips will make your cross country move less stressful.