Renting a storage unit from a professional business, like Queensborough Mini Storage for Burnaby BC, can be an effective way to keep your home clean and ensure that seasonal items are out of the way when they're not needed. After choosing an appropriate storage unit for the amount of possessions you intend on putting into storage, you'll want to take the extra time to make sure that the unit is loaded properly.

Make Sure the Weather is Good on the Day of the Loading

Mildew can become a major problem in your storage unit if you store anything while it's wet. Instead of allowing this to become an issue, you should choose a day for loading the unit that will have clear weather. Not only will this help ensure that your belongings are kept dry before loading, it will also make it more comfortable for you to spend time outdoors while organizing the unit.

Request Help When Loading Heavy Items

Loading heavy furniture and boxes into your storage unit can end in disaster if you can't properly lift them and load them. Avoiding these risks of damage can be easy with the help of an assistant while loading. Whether you ask the storage facility if they can provide assistance or have a few friends tag along to help, you can move your items in with ease.

Look Into Renting Additional Tools for Loading the Unit

Moving supplies such as a furniture dolly and lifting harnesses can come in handy when moving items into the storage unit. Asking the facility workers if they have these items for rent or purchase can help make this process easier.

Make Sure You're Using the Appropriate Packing Supplies

Getting the storage unit set up for short or long-term storage has a lot to do with preparing your belongings first. Poor packing and using the wrong materials, such as cardboard boxes, can lead to the contents of the unit being damaged over time. With heavy-duty plastic boxes and proper padding, you can be confident that your items will be safe while in storage.  

Load Your Items in the Proper Order

Loading your storage unit will play a big part in how easy it will be to access at any time. If you intend on accessing your storage unit several times after beginning to rent the unit, you'll want to load the lesser-used items first and follow up with things you'll need more often in the front.

Taking the extra time to get your storage unit organized can make all the difference in ensuring that the unit is easy to use and that you'll have a positive experience.