Self storage is one of those things that many people take for granted. However, anyone who has seen a storage auction television show knows that the strangest things often find their way into storage units. The following moments in storage history are likely to confuse you and earn a belly laugh or two.

Weird Celebrity Storage

Celebrities are often known for their strange behaviors and interests, and this has been demonstrated by their storage lockers. They are often filled with a world of impossible-to-define weirdness. For example, one unit included pictures of Val Kilmer kissing Paris Hilton. Meanwhile, a unit owned by Nicholas Cage stores a dinosaur (Tarbosaurus) skull.

However, Burt Reynolds storage lockers are pretty much "ground zero" for celebrity storage weirdness. His collection of oddities was so large that a small museum was briefly formed to showcase a sampling of it all. These items included:

  • Autographed pictures of celebrities like Clark Cable and Bette Davis
  • Personal notes from celebrities, like Cary Grant and Elizabeth Taylor
  • A bill from the sale of Roy Rogers' horse, Trigger
  • Stick 'Em adhesive cans used by a football player
  • Paintings from fans
  • The canoe from his movie "Deliverance"

Romantic Encounters

There are few people in this world that would look at a storage unit and consider it a great romantic getaway. However, an article in The Telegraph reported that an increasing number of people in England are turning to storage units for romantic, and perhaps illicit, rendezvous.

The issue seems to be cost: most storage units can be rented for a fraction of the cost of a hotel room. Privacy is likely another influence: after all, who expects to find romantic couples in a storage unit?

Body Parts

Most people buying a storage unit hope to find some unexpected items. However, few items were as unexpected as the ones found in a 2009 storage unit auction in Pensacola. After the unit was sold for $900, the new owner opened his unit and investigated his new items.

What he found was disturbing: body parts from over 100 people, stored inside of plastic containers, trash bags, and even a drink cup from a store.

Each container was filled with formaldehyde, to ensure the parts didn't decompose. The unit was formerly owned by a medical examiner who performed autopsies from 1997 to 2003. Many of the containers were clearly marked with names and autopsy dates.

These stories illustrate just how strange self-storage can get. So the next time you go looking for a self storage unit, be ready for anything. You just never know what might pop up.