You may have heard of storage unit auctions, but have you ever attended a storage unit yard sale? When storage unit owners are left with abandoned units, they often hold yard sales to get rid of the items left behind to recoup some of their losses. There are great things you can buy at these kinds of yard sales, and you can get a really great deal if you know what to do. Here are ways you can get great items at an even greater price.


Storage units are often stocked with chairs, tables, entertainment centers, and more. When these items are left behind, they can be bulky and difficult for storage unit owners to get rid of or store until they sell. If you see a chair or other piece of furniture you really like, offer a price several dollars cheaper than what the seller is asking for. If they balk, explain to them that you have to load the furnishing into a vehicle yourself, which is an inconvenience to you. Let them know you'll gladly pay full price if the seller is willing to deliver it to you. Once they recognize what an inconvenience being left with a piece of furniture can be, the owner will likely gladly rid themselves of the burden at any price you are comfortable with.


Individual pieces of clothing may be priced too high for your taste, but if you see several articles you like, offer to pay a bulk price for them. The owners of the storage unit don't have use for another person's shoes, clothing, and accessories and will have to take the time to box them up and donate them if they are not sold. The more clothes you want to buy the better deal you can nab.


Refrigerators, generators, air conditioning units, and more are often left behind at storage units. These items are not guaranteed to work and often don't come with a history of their use or any warranties to speak of. This is good news for you as a buyer. Explain to the seller of the storage unit that you are assuming the risk of an appliance that may potentially not work, and they will be more likely to let you offer your own fair price for it.

Storage unit yard sales can mean lovely deals for you if you know how to barter. The key is in introducing your offer as a benefit to the seller, and then they will be much easier to negotiate with.

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