Buying whole storage units at auction is an adventure any discount shopper or auction lover can enjoy. People find all sorts of cool things at storage unit auctions, from celebrity clothing to handy tools. If you want to get into buying storage units at your nearby auction, follow this guide so you don't get carried away bidding on junk someone else didn't want anymore.

Look for room themes

Storage units are often used to house whole rooms of items, meaning you can find a unit full of kitchen furnishings and appliances or a room with all living room furniture. If you can locate a room theme during your quick glimpse of a storage unit's innards before the auction, odds are you will be bidding on useful items rather than just random junk. It's OK to bid on a unit that seems to be full of bedroom items, just bid with caution because these units may also contain clothing and old mattresses you don't necessarily have use for.

Seek out tools/supplies

A toolbox, band saw, tool bench, and more are all indicators that a unit may have been owned by a jack-of-all-trades kind of person. Not only are these tools going to come in handy for your own use, they also are accompanied by lumber, sheet rock, plumbing supplies, and more for you to get started on your next project. Make sure you can locate more than one sign of tools so you don't bid on a unit with just a screwdriver and a bunch of boxes of magazines.

Set your eyes on the collectibles

Many people place their collectible items in storage to keep them organized and safe, then forget about them or find they are unable to pay their bill. Their loss is your absolute gain. These storage units are often very neatly stacked with shelves showcasing dolls, comic books, or even books of coins. If you have a sneaking suspicion you are looking at a collector's unit, look at the cardboard boxes to see if they are labeled according to the items you can see exposed. If so, you may have hit a potential jackpot.

Bidding on storage units at an auction is a great way to land some new items. If you enjoy this kind of adventure and want to try it for yourself, use your savvy knowledge to pick out the most promising units before you bid a single dollar. Your reward can be a super cool storage unit find that is worth a lot more than your investment. For more information on storage unit auctions, talk to a professional like Precisely Right Moving.