Depending on the size, your grandfather clock may be the most expensive item that you are moving. It is important to take precautions to prevent damage to this fragile item. Here are a few things to do in order to prepare the grandfather clock so it is safe during the journey to your new home.

Access Covers Should Be Removed

Gently remove the access covers on the clock. Put them in their own individual boxes, so they won't get broken or stepped on. Separate each cover with extra cushioning, such as a blanket, in order to prevent the covers from breaking or getting scratched during the moving process.

Loose parts

Look on the top of the grandfather clock for any loose parts. If there are any pieces not secured properly, take them off. If the pieces fall not only will they break, but they may hit someone and cause an injury. Put them into a separate box so they don't break or get lost.

Remove The Hood, If Possible

Check your grandfather clock's manual to see if the hood can be removed. If it can, gently jiggle it until it moves forward and carefully lift it off. Put it in a box that is cushioned, so it will be protected during the move. 


While preparing the clock for the move, pull the weights up until the clock hands go halfway around. Twist the chains tightly together with a thin wire so they don't come undone in the move.

When removing the weights, put gloves on so your fingers don't leave marks. When the weights are taken off, secure the bottom portion of the bundle of chains with newspaper, and secure them with a rubber band. Before packaging the weights, make sure they are labeled as left, center, and right. When reassembling the clock, they will need to be put back in this precise order.


Gently pull up on the pendulum to lift it off of its guide. Secure the guide with a few scraps of newspaper, so it doesn't move around too much in the move. This will prevent the pendulum from braking.

Wrap the Clock in a Blanket

Lastly, wrap the grandfather clock in a large enough blanket to cover the entire clock. Tape the blanket tightly around the clock. Once this is complete, the clock can be moved like any other piece of furniture.

This may seem like it will be a daunting and complicated task, but by following these directions, you can help keep your precious grandfather clock in pristine condition during the move. Talk to a professional moving service, like A-Zip Moving & Cartage Inc., about any additional packing tips or supplies for moving your grandfather clock.