It's your big moving day. The movers have picked up your belongings and hauled them into the truck. During the moving process, someone drops a box or scratches your beloved heirloom desk—or even worse, the truck encounters an accident.

The moving process is a long, difficult, and stressful one that often comes with complications. If you do not have moving insurance, you may wind up with broken items—or worse, with items missing. So why should you purchase moving insurance?

1. Compensation

No matter how careful you are—or how careful the moving company is—accidents can happen. The professionals might drop a box, they might encounter an auto accident, or thieves may steal your items from the truck.

No matter what: errors are a possibility and something might go wrong during transport.

Although some moving companies include insurance in their overall price, most do not. If you do not have moving insurance, you may be stuck without money and your precious belongings. Fortunately, you can purchase insurance and receive compensation for your belongings—and sometimes even a reimbursement for your moving fees.

2. Easier Claims

If something does happen and one of your items is broken or damaged, you must file a claim to be reimbursed. Without insurance, the process of filing a claim can be quite difficult and confusing—not to mention time consuming.

Fortunately, if you have insurance you will already know what your item is worth. This will make it easier to ask for proper compensation. It will also make it easier to receive your compensation, because the insurance company and moving company will know exactly what your item is worth.

3. Peace of Mind

Moving insurance provides peace of mind. After all, you know that no matter what happens your items will be safe—or the cost of the item will be reimbursed should something happen. This may be a simple benefit, but it goes a long way as you will feel less anxious and stressed on your big moving day.

Remember: life happens and accidents occur—usually when you least expect them.

If you are planning a big move and are planning on using a moving company, ask about moving insurance. It may be an extra fee, but it is surely worth it. Not only will you feel better knowing your items are safe, but you'll be happier knowing that you've invested a little extra for your belongings—both precious and not-so-precious.

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