Moving long distance with a cat can be challenging, but with the right strategies, you can make the move easy on you and your feline friend. As you prepare for your move, here are a few essential tips to keep in mind:

1. Avoid moving day runaways

With the high stress levels present on moving day, your cat may easily go into flight mode. As the doors are opening and closing as people move boxes out of the house, your cat can easily find his or her way out.

Lower your cat's stress levels and eliminate his chances of running away by putting him or her into a closed room with some comforting objects. Alternatively, send your cat to a friends for the day while you deal with moving companies.

2. Prepare your cat for the journey

If you are moving far away, your cat is going to need to be in the car with you for a long time. Get him or her used to the cat carrier by bringing it into the home for a few days before the trip. Make it enticing with your cat's favorite blanket.

3. Stick to a feeding schedule and bring your own tap water

While on the road, feed your cat on schedule to create some sense of normalcy and bring tap water from home so your cat doesn't have to drink unfamiliar water right away.

4. Have a special cat box

Do not pack all of your cat's items and put them in the moving truck. While you can pack large scratching posts or kitty playgrounds, you should keep out a box with a familiar blanket and some toys. Have these items in the car to keep your cat calm, and bring them into the house right away.

5. Acclimate your cat to the new house slowly

If you just let your cat roam around the new house, he or she may encounter unfamiliar odors and possibly urinate on the carpet. Instead, let your cat assimilate to the house slowly. Put him or her in a room with the special cat toys and a blanket that smells like your own home.

6. Give your cat one of your moving boxes

As soon as you have a box unpacked, give the empty box to your cat. Cats love boxes, and studies show that when cats are stressed, they calm down faster if they have a hiding spot like a box.